June & July 2022



We do not understand why these businesses have not contacted We can assist you to move your business to where you are selling your products and thereby increase your profitability.

CUT THE UK/EU RED TAPE One in seven small firms set to shrink, sell or shut as cost pressures mount are a team of professionals working remotely, offering a wide range of experience in business, finance, and offshore services.


PROCEDURE. WE Prove >> then >> You PROVE - simple!


Consistency and no fear to be afraid of criticism or failure is the only way to guarantee success.


Jul 23, 2022

Never talk much about yourself to people, in times of envy, the blind man sees again, the mute to speak and deaf to hear. There is a time to fight and there is a time to be clever.


“A former JPMorgan Chase & Co. precious-metals trader said his boss coached him to lie to compliance officials about price-manipulating orders and later counseled him against pleading guilty”

#gold #silver




The dollar topped the day Saudi Arabia applied to join BRICS. Where the FED is compared to the ECB is of no importance now. #Gold #Silver


Take a risk. Align with your values. Go for it!


A well-thought-out and well-researched business plan ensures success. #startups #funding #finance #business




Cash Flow is the lifeblood of a business. Institutional, private, and government #funding


They'll congratulate somebody doing the same thing as you - but not you - because it's you.


Amount: Min $5m USD – Max $100m USD (smaller/larger sums by prior agreement)



You PROVE the capability to sign Escrow and pay a nominal RWA fee into escrow.

We PROVE we have the capability to issue RWA.


Whilst we will not advise on any stock exchange transactions. We have access to #financial #institutions that can give large returns.


Jul 17, 2022

Millions have left their country already. Expect more of this globally as countries fail.

Europe and the USA will be overwhelmed in 2023 with economic migrants fleeing chaos as the food and energy crisis continues.

Get your ducks in a row to prepare and prevail.




Stay an extra hour in the office and nobody bats an eye – arrive 5 minutes late and everyone loses their mind.


We hear much about the wage gap, income gap, and wealth gap – when did we last hear about the skill gap, effort gap, and talent gap.


Saudia Arabia now buys cheap #Russian #oil, so it can sell its own oil to the West. #Russia wins, #Saudia #Arabia wins, and the West loses.


USS Fed.




JPMorgan spoofed gold to keep hedge funds happy, ex-trader says.


A perfect storm. Weak JPM earnings, a high US CPI print & now more energy concerns in the EU.



Connect with us and grow your business.

#startups @funding #investers


We can create a starting point to expand rapidly if all criteria are met.


Our framework can be tailored to connect #project owners / #startups to #investors in the project's specialized field.




Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. 

Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford.


Jul 11, 2022

"A great #product is closer to an accident. It's the by-product of the environment you build at your #company. "


Just secured angel funding – thanks, Daddy.



Start a business. Then you cannot lose your job.


#metals #monetized for #investment with high yield.











What are your objectives? Connect with us.


Why use your service? We have a global reach, with collaborations in Dubai, Singapore, London, and New York.


Jul 25, 2022

Our platform can/will make things happen.


There is no failure, only delayed success.


We want others to succeed. Success is important for two reasons. 1. Options for our families 2. Helping others


#Metals #Monetization & Trade. Simply email us and we will get back to discuss how we can move forward to monetize your metal asset.

#Gold #Siver #CopperWire #Nickle


Metals Monetization & Trade.

#Gold #Silver #CopperWire #Nickel


Jul 20, 2022

Looking for #Metals? copper, #nicklewire-class 1-2-3, and other metals - all grades. Connect with us - we have access to huge stockpiles.





Why do so many newly successful #entrepreneurs feel the need to show off their newfound wealth on social media? The hubris is incredible - give back to society and be a little more humble.


Have a Business Proposal? If it has merit - get it started with us.


Validate Your Idea. We will assess its market value in the current global environment detailing its pros & cons.


If you think taxation Is theft? Push back with us and keep your money.


Jul 18, 2022

Massive Wall Street layoff fears as #banking profits tank. Opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes including in downturns - take advantage of them.




I don't think Biden's trip went very well ... Saudi crown prince says unrealistic energy policies will lead to higher inflation.

Keep in front of this - #monetize #metals via our partners for #trading. #copper powder, #nickel wire, #gold and others.


Ensure short and long-term objectives. #Business Development · #Trading · #Finance


The ECB’s anti-fragmentation instrument is expected to allow unlimited bond buying and will be deliberately vague. What a joke. Own #GOLD


The West’s desperate takedown in the #Gold market will fail. #metals #monetized for #investment with high yield




At this stage these guys are comedians. EU's Paolo Gentiloni (European Commissioner for Economy): "The Euro is showing strength, but the Dollar is Strengthening more".


Once you invest in yourself, you become someone that others want to invest in.


US inflation @ 9.1% figures released today - #monetize your #metals to stay ahead. We are in stagflation territory heading for "dragflation" a term coined by Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal.


We advise on #Government Golden #Visa initiatives within the #EU and #Switzerland.




Jul 11, 2022

Our partners are established #financial #Institutions - offer cost-effective rates and specialized assistance to reach your #global #trade goals.


Our resources provide a safe and trusted alternative for your #financial negotiations and #global transaction goals. Competitive & Transparent · Tried & Tested · Top 100 Rated #Banks




#Project #finance available with insurance wraps attached via our partners. 100M€+/-


Our aim is to find the best resource solutions available for our clients.


There is no better way to be - than to create a business; be an #entrepreneur - that's what it's all about.



Somehow, we don't believe too much in collegiate #entrepreneurship programs. Can you really teach someone to be ambitious?


Working hard to provide #finance and #business solutions - secure funding & credit lines. Credible #Swiss, European & #Offshore #Institutions.



Our #business model is a synergy.


Minimize your #taxation #liabilities using effective tax structures. Depending on the #business we are confident we can reduce #corporation #tax by 80% by using the #swiss passive income rules.


Being honest makes you a better #entrepreneur



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