Inground Assets with a NI 43-101


What are inground assets?

Inground assets are mainly precious metals such as gold and gems that have yet to be mined and where the owners are looking for capital to commence operations.

We have two ways to approach this, firstly being monetization of the inground asset, Secondly, we are tied into a hedge fund in the Caribbean that takes 10% of the asset and pays an interest rate to be agreed upon and then we take the net interest onto a cash trading platform.

In the monetization, the values have already been established by the publication of a NI 43-101 document. However, monetization can take up to eight months to complete depending on the client's cooperation and the quality of documentation presented.

The second route can be much quicker but initial returns can be lower.

Our Partners

The monetizer will offer an LTV against the inground asset for trading purposes.

They are typically a UHNWI, family office, bank, or another commercial entity that has a lot of surplus cash looking for investment and business opportunities offering large returns.



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