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Strategies for Wealth & Business Creation works as a bridge offering accessibility to investors, financial institutions, and other business services we directly provide. We have a multitude of avenues that can be taken to ensure short and long-term objectives. 

We operate under CET (Central European Time)  


What We Do

We connect clients with essential fiduciary and financial services. Offer strategic and business growth awareness to overcome challenges. We are a complete solution-based provider of resources.

250M€+/- for Project Finance with Insurance Wraps
Our Pool

Our Team & Resources has a highly qualified and experienced team with established third-party relationships developed in our various fields of expertise.

We have tried and tested structures in place to appraise submitted requests for our services in real-time.


Family Office

A team member has worked closely with Ivertrust one of the largest multi Family Offices in the EU and several Single-Family Offices in Geneva.

We are well experienced with Family Offices and their setups. 

Accessibility to Banks

We have direct access and have worked with many Private and Commercial Banks. Private Banks include Julius Baer, Pictet, EFG, Lombard Odier, HSBC, and others.

We have access to approximately 200 Commercial Banks and have worked with Barclays Bank PLC, NWB, Credit Swiss, and Credit Agricole to name a few.

Private Investors 

We have secured many Private Investors & Investment Company Partners.

They do not solicit capital from retail investors or the general public. This has the advantage of fewer regulatory and legal requirements.

Venture Capitalists

A team member has a history and close involvement with CINVEN, Schroders, and others looking at support, startups, and acquisitions. 

Private Equity

We have extensive connections in the Private Equity sector, for example, WHI (WH Ireland), funding for the acquisition of a group of hotels, and Foresight, the acquisition of one of the largest recycling businesses in the UK.



Banks & Credit Lines

Banks utilized for Credit Lines have an international rating of BB+ to AAA+. 

The cost of building a credit line from one of these Banks will vary depending on the deal presented.

Asset-Based Investment & Leasing

We have worked with an assortment of Asset-Based Investment Companies. mainly in potential asset acquisitions.




Metals Sales & Monetization

Interest in the purchase and selling of metals such as copper powder and nickel wire has drastically declined and the trend seems to continue downwards for the time being. 

Demand for gold and silver is the exception, gold and silver are continuing to go higher.

We can assist in the selling/buying, or monetizing of the allocation for trade.

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Institutional, Private & Government Funding

Our aim is to find the best available resource solutions for our clients.

Visibility to Banks and; Financial Institution

Banks & Financial Institutions

Our resources provide a safe and trusted alternative for your financial negotiations and global transaction goals.

Secure Funding

Secure funding & credit lines

Credible Swiss, European & Offshore Institutions


Develop your Trade Potential

Tried & Tested


Far-reaching trade solutions

Top 100 Rated Banks


Cost-effective rates

Competitive & Transparent

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A direct & easy way to Secure Funding

Our framework can be tailored to connect project owners to investors in the project's specialized field.

We can create a starting point for entrepreneurs to expand rapidly if all criteria are met.

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What Will You Build?

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Empowers you to allocate resources where needed in the most controlled and cost-effective way.


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