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Boomfii offers accessibility to Investors, Financial Institutions, and other Business Service Providers. We offer a multitude of avenues you (as Our Partners) can take to ensure your short and long term objectives   

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What We Do

We Connect Our Partners with essential services and offer strategic and business growth awareness to overcome the challenges facing Entrepreneurs/Business Owners in an ever-changing global economic environment. We are a complete solution-based provider of resources that can be made available for Our Partners and their challenges.

Project Finance with Insurance Wraps  
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Our Team & Resources

Boomfii has a highly qualified team with established third-party relationships developed in our various fields of expertise. We have tried and tested structures to appraise submitted requests for our services in real-time.

Family Office

A family office is a privately held company that handles investment management and wealth management for a wealthy family

Venture Capitalists

Investors who either provide capital to start-up ventures or support small companies that wish to expand but do not have access to funds

Private Investors

Private Investors & Investment Companies do not solicit capital from retail investors or the general public. This has the advantage of fewer regulatory and legal requirements

Access to Banks

We have direct access to banks and other financial Institutional entities at a board level without having to go through the normal channels of access

Private Equity

Private equity investors raise pools of capital from limited partners, Pension Funds, and High Net Worth Individuals, forming a lending platform - also known as a private equity fund

Asset-Based Investment & Leasing

Asset-based investment. The investor is making a decision based on borrower assets or on potential asset acquisitions

Get Backed, Get Building, Get Better

Get Backed Get Building Get Better

Our purpose is to find the best solution for Our Partners

Visibility to Banks and; Financial Institution

Visibility to Banks & Financial Institutions

Our resources provide a safe and trusted haven for your financial negotiations and global transaction goals

Secure Funding

Secure funding & credit lines

Credible Swiss, European & Offshore Institutions


Develop your Trade Potential

Experienced & Tested


Far-reaching trade solutions

Top 100 Rated Banks

Cost Effective

Cost-effective rates

Competitive & Transparent

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The most direct & easy way to Secure Funding

Our framework can be tailored to connect project owners to investors in the project's specialised field.

We create a valued starting point for all involved to expand rapidly with their objectives/goals.

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What will you Build?

What Will You Build?

Connect with us to secure our trusted resources

Validate Your Idea

We will assess its market value in the current global environment detailing its pros & cons


Resilient Organisations & Backing

Empowers you to allocate resources where needed in the most controlled and cost-effective way


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