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Monetize and Trade Fine Art with SKR


We would like to announce our advisory & applications for the monetization of hard assets have now expanded into fine art.

The painting behind this new direction is an original Picasso which we are extremely excited about.

All private fine art will be considered if it is insured with a safe-keeping receipt and proof of ownership - other documents may also be required to become eligible for the monetization process. 

What is Monetization 

The monetiser will produce a loan-to-value statement depending on the value of the asset to be monetized. The monetiser is typically a UHNWI, family office, bank, or another commercial entity that has a lot of surplus cash.


Recourse & Nonrecourse Art Loans

Through our contacts in the art world, we can organize recourse and nonrecourse art loans.



PLEASE NOTE: Without Solicitation. This page is for information on Hard Assets such as Fine Art which can be monetized for PPP on an LTV basis, to raise money rather than to sell the artwork.

Approved Tier 1 Banks

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