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boomfii are a team of professionals working remotely, offering a wide range of experience in business, finance, and offshore services with connections that can/will make things happen. 

Who We Are

Frequently Asked Questions



How does boomfii help entrepreneurs succeed?

boomfii is more than just a bridge to start/improve your business and secure funding, we can offer a great deal more through our experience to create and empower.

Why use boomfii to secure funding?

We have the background to acquire funds to start or grow your business through direct finance, bonds, and other capital support programs, through 500 international institutions. 

What makes boomfii different?

We are committed to offering personal service to each client, specialized in many business fields having the connections and legal framework to provide the most secure services for our clients.

Why do I need your expertise to grow my business?

We have a flexible approach, clarifying your developing business model, opening avenues for your consideration, and best fit within the goals you are looking to achieve.

Why do I need your expertise to secure finance & credit lines?

By Identifying the best fit and matching your needs. Explaining which program matches your long-term goals. These processes can be very detailed and one could get lost in translation quickly, which we aim to avoid before lawyers get involved. We have 500 international institutions who we operate with.

Why do I need professional help & guidance?

In our client-concentric approach, the client always comes first. We believe there are no stupid questions. Fees and expenses are competitive, we will always discuss them with our clients so there are no surprises. Client goals are professionally managed and achieved.

Our experience qualifies us to guide in all aspects of global trade and business. We have either worked for or within, leading players, small and large (including governments) in all spheres of global commerce, and are confident to complete every project to its successful end, subject to your business plans.

Why use your service?

We have a global reach, with collaborations in Dubai, Singapore, London, and New York. We also have influence in Switzerland and most of continental Europe.

Why should you commit to boomfii?

We are committed to our clients and can offer unlimited support. We can also Identify challenges, help to avoid them, and recognize real-time opportunities.

Martin Gibbins

Entrepreneur in corporate & private banking with a wide reach in the financial global markets

Richard Ainsworth-Morris

UK qualified accountant, global corporate experience & international tax

Fernando Sampaio

Entrepreneur, financial & property consultant

Adrienne Ruiz

UK charted accountant. Is well-qualified in moving companies from the UK into the EU


Thor "Freddie" Schaller

Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial & a high-tech designer consultant


Erik Roesink

Entrepreneur, a polymath with a background in fashion, tech, & law

Sarah Blake

Accountancy background & passionate event planner for prestigious venues

Gordon Condrey

Real estate entrepreneur with a passion for fast cars, driven competitively


Isabella Sampaio

Studying finance & accountancy at university - works part-time to gain experience

Iveta littvova

Serial entrepreneur, motivated & focused



Arnaldo Garcia

Entrepreneur & high-tech system designer for local government


A new team member to be announced shortly

If you are considering working with us, we can make our team member(s) credentials available to you in the specialized service you are considering. Please advise on the service you are thinking of utilizing when connecting.


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