Our Policy is a business platform to assist companies and individuals who are seeking help to make their businesses more successful.

The team uses independently to structure services outlined on the platform. All involved in the everyday workings of the platform do so independently from their own offices, whether they are home offices or shared office space in an office building. In other words, everyone involved in works remotely.

The team does not have a dress code and works on their own knowledge and experience which all are well qualified in.  All have a duty of care to all clients utilizing the platform and openness and honesty with our clients are our paramount requirements when working as a agent/team member.

Certain members of the team are regulated by various financial regulators across the world, offering advice in their specific specialized areas, taxation, accounting, purchasing, etc. within the regulatory framework. We have an extensive network where we can assist clients to monetize their assets.

We can assist most clients however we will inform the client if we cannot assist. We prefer to be honest and open with clients from the very start.

We are very proud that we do not request retainers, we do have a commission structure based on success.


Please note: If you would like to discuss any aspect of and how we implement our values in the everyday workings of our business - you can contact us at any time to discuss.

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