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Ultra-Refined Nano Copper Powder



We have available for sale Ultra-Refined Nano Copper Powder with United Nations serial numbers via one of our most trusted partners. They are a mining organization and well-established in the industry. 

All Copper Powder containers have United Nations serial numbers as identification. The quality is Ultra-Refined Nano Copper Powder from 99.999+% minimum purity and no larger than 20 microns.

Extremely competitive market-adjusted prices are offered. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss prices, volume, and terms and conditions. We can facilitate tranches as low as 50kg per transaction.

Our Partners

Our Partners can combine sales of ultra-refined nano copper powder and lithium from their own mines of production.

They will sell both in all quantities to satisfy demand. Information will be supplied as requested once some rules of the road have been established. 



PLEASE NOTE: Without Solicitation. We have clients who wish to dispose of their Copper Powder and those who wish to purchase, is in a unique position to offer both services, contact us to discuss. If you have ultra-refined copper powder, this type of asset can be monetized.

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