Preloaded Debit Card Trading


Preloaded Debit Cards



Without Solicitation. The preloaded debit card types such as VISA and Mastercard can be utilized for PPP Trading. 


We have recently been approached by several people to deal with debit cards which have been preloaded with large sums of money.

We have just started trading with one client on this basis and so far, it has been positive with the processes we've had to follow being very clear and straightforward.

The traders have requested certain information to be incorporated into the loading certificate, which we can discuss with you whenever you are ready.

If you or your clients have preloaded debit cards, we can assist you with putting this onto a PPP and turning them into cash for you.

Our Partners

Our PPP trading partners have stated they can take these cards and trade them for clients.

The platforms used are established and use Tier 1 Banks excluding China and Russia. 


Approved Tier 1 Banks

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