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Actions Taken is currently working with clients with the objectives below. We are transparent as we can be without breaking client confidentiality (under GDPRS rules) and share basic information on our website to illustrate the type of actions we've undertaken and are currently undertaking. 


Government Funding

We are creating a unique opportunity to market disruptive tech companies to secure government-backed grants and support.


Post-Brexit / UK Finances

In communication with European governments on relocation initiatives & grant availability to UK businesses Post-Brexit and following reports that the U.K. Government's finances are in serious trouble.  




Completed Actions

Examples for completes actions

  • Raised 250M€ for Disruptive Manufacture in the Neverlands to enter an Investment and Trade Program.
  • GDPRS startup is one of the forerunners in protection computer installations.
  • Quantum-proof software producer, this was a leading quantum-proof software as certified by the Imperial College University of London.
  • Funding for an African fintech startup.

Metals Monetization,  Trade & Sales

We are currently experiencing a high volume of interest in metals monetization and sales. 

All metals and gemstones are held in secure warehouses under SKR (safekeeping receipts) in Switzerland. Being held in Switzerland under an SKR makes the due diligence much easier to formulate a deal to its successful conclusion. 

Current Actions:

  • The monetization of a number of deals in metals for trade.
  • Facilitating direct sales of Class A Nickel Wire of purity 99.8 plus.
  • Facilitating direct sales of Altra Fine Copper Powder from 99.9.
  • The monetization of Diamonds for trade.


Our working volume is currently approx. 183BN Euros in Gemstones and metals. 




Fintech Funding

We have access to 3500 fintech companies in various stages of development looking for funding and partnerships.

  • Funding requirements are from 50.000 Euros upwards.
  • Full details can be given on the companies subject to your investment level.
  • Proof of funds will be required before details are shared.



Other Actions in Brief

  • Arranging the acquisition of an MTN 
  • Processing a gold action for monetization for a client to enter into a trade program, through JP Morgan.
  • Funding for a new disruptive computer chip manufacturer.





We can make our team member(s) credentials available to you who specialize in the service you are considering before making any commitment. Please advise on the service you are thinking of utilizing when connecting.

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