Current Actions

Boomfii is currently working with Partners with the objectives below. We are transparent as we can be without breaking client confidentiality and share basic information on our website for new and future Partners. We will be from time to time updating Our Partner's progress.


Golf and Hotel Acquisition 

We are currently advising a world-class coastal golf course on the best approach to secure funding for their long-term business model. They want to expand infrastructure and maximise its beach potential to raise annual revenue.






Tech Company 

Working with a new tech company offering a game-changing concept & working prototype. We were at the Procurement stage with one of Europe’s large Telecom Companies.





Completed Actions

GDPRS startup is one of the forerunners in protection computer installations.

Quantum-proof software producer, this was leading quantum-proof software as certified by the Imperial College University of London.

Fintech Funding

We have 3500 fintech companies in various stages of development looking for funding and partnerships. Funding requirements are from 50.000 Euros upwards. Full details can be given on the companies subject to your investment level - proof of funds will be required before details are shared.


Post-Brexit Opportunity

In communication with UK & Spanish Governments on Relocation Initiatives & Grant availability to UK businesses Post-Brexit. 



Government Funding

We are creating a unique opportunity to market disruptive tech companies to secure government-backed grants and support.




Current Actions in brief
  • European Disruptive manufacturer. In process of completing funding.
  • New disruptive computer chip manufacturer. Seeking funding.
  • Four-star hotel acquisition. Acquisition in process.
  • African Fintech startup. Seeking incubator setup & funding.
  • Software & Fintech acquisitions. Looking for viable businesses/startups to acquire.  










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