December 2022


Markets | City of London

LME ends the chaotic year with metal stockpiles perilously low Readily available warehouse inventories plunged 66% in 2022.

All key LME metals except nickel are poised for annual decline.

Markets City of London




Zimbabwe has banned all lithium exports. The government is losing billions from exporting it as a raw mineral. States it wants to do the processing into batteries in-country.

Lithium price has gone up by 1,100% in the past two years alone.





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Commodities and cash are the only plays for 2023.



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Depending on your business, we are confident we can reduce your corporation (and personal) tax by 80% by using the Swiss passive income rules.




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All are subject to our due diligence and the business model requiring funding





Metals of high-interest Copper Powder | Nickel Wire | Gold | Lithium LITHIUM.

Currently, Lithium is in high demand and we have clients actively looking to purchase #Lithium in all quantities.




We are currently experiencing a high volume of interest in #metals #monetization to allocate for #trade.



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