January 2023



Are you an SME in trouble because you've lost your export market due to the incompetent UK Government ghoul? 

If so, why not use our services to relocate you to the EU?

  • UK Government no longer cares for UK business - it does nothing to assist in these testing times. The UK government is just one big meme at this point.

#RelocatingToTheEU Opportunity In Europe





Iran and Russia have just connected their national financial messaging systems. 

52 Iranian banks and 106 Russian banks are now linked through the Russian equivalent of SWIFT - the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS).




EU cohesion policy aims to reduce disparities in wealth between Europe’s regions with generous grants.

These grants are not freely available. We can outline ways and assist you in securing a grant if your business has merit. 

#Grants Government Initiatives





Indians seem to be awake. Silver is probably the most undervalued asset in the world. Stock up while you can - not financial advice. 

#Silver Metals Sales & Monetization for Trade

Article in Zerohedge



Whilst we will not advise on any stock exchange transactions. We have access to financial institutions that can give large returns.

The cash asset stays in your control.

#Investment #Cash Maximize Your Returns




Take Action

Start the week off with a bang!

#Funding #Institutional #Private #Government Actions Taken on behalf of Clients




Chance favors the prepared mind

Our resources provide a safe and trusted alternative for your financial negotiations and global transaction goals.





Arrange a zoom call with Adrienne or Richard (or both) to go through all the benefits Switzerland offers.

#Switzerland Opportunity In Europe




Jan 11

Startups | New Business

Facing challenges? we offer complete finance and business solutions.

#Starups Startups




Jan 10 represents a team of professionals working remotely, offering a wide range of experience in business, finance, and offshore services with the right connections in all fields of business and commerce.

#Business #Finance #Offshore who we areboomfii-logo-trans-45orange




Successfully securing a Line of Credit with one of our Associated Partners is not easy. All is dependent on the Proposal, Amount, and Term.

This can be discussed in depth before any decision is made or lawyers become involved.

#LinesofCredit Finance & Banking





Commodities trading boom raises fear of big losses among retail investors.

Via our partners, we are able to facilitate the monetization and trade of metals.





The U.S. has always been seen as the country for innovation - this is no longer the case due to government interference & legislation.

Switzerland helps innovation with excellent tax structures & initiatives for foreign entrepreneurs.





In the 1640s the Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam built a 12' wall to protect the city. In 1664 the British bypassed it and took the city by the sea.

It's now called New York. They took down the wall and built a street now known as Wall Street








For those who want to dispose of/or acquire metals.

Our platform is currently experiencing a high volume of selling and buying of metals and the monetizing of the allocation for trade.

  • From our perspective, it seems that the metals market is the only game in town. Precious Gems also seem to be in vogue.

#Gold #Lithium #CopperPowder #NickelWire Metals Sales & Monetization for Trade





Clearing Funds into EU/Europe.
if you are having difficulties or experiencing delays in getting your funds cleared into the EU/Europe due to regulations - we can help via our partners in Singapore.

#ClearFunds High Volume Transactions






Not if you work with

If you have a business idea or plan?  We can advise on the best approach to undertake to its successful conclusion.

#BusinessPlan Business Plans





East-West battleground is shifting to metals

The vaults for the Comex, LBMA, and the various ETFs are low. Allocation in gold, silver, and many other metals is steadily declining in the West.

#Gold #Silver #Metals Metals Sales & Monetization for Trade




Our framework can be tailored to connect project owners to investors in the project’s specialized field. This gives the project a higher chance of success

#Startups #Project #Investors Submit Your Proposal



Fun Fact: The Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, or VOC) is the most valuable corporation in history.

It was founded in 1602 to trade mainly in spices and quickly became one of the most influential companies in the world. Join Our Network




We started this way and it worked. The secret to making progress is to get started. The secret to starting is to divide your complex, overwhelming task into small, manageable tasks, and then start the first.

#BusinessGrowth Who Are We



Securing a Grant with current Government Initiatives.

Grants in the EU can be substantial and rely on the client providing employment and detailed business plans.

We determine what grant you could be eligible for.

#Grants Government Initiatives




Secure The Right Funding with

This is dependent on your requirements, risk tolerance to pay the monies back, and what kind of return on investment you are offering to the investor.

#Investors Secure The Right Funding




Not Financial Advice.

We believe the investment winners in 2023 will be: Green/Renewable energy innovation.

Primary agricultural products. Gold/Gold mining stocks.

 Last Year Investing Seemed Easy. Not Anymore.




We are heading into turbulent times. If you have concerns relating to the protection of your cash and hard assets.

Succession planning via a “Life Time Trust” maybe the answer.

#Trusts Offshore Trusts



Jan 5

The Markets... brace yourself for impact!

Markets & Economy are under pressure. Our team & resources can help you navigate.

This however is dependent on the challenges presented.





Jan 3

Via our partners, we are able to facilitate the monetization and trade of gemstones.

#Gemstones Metals/Gemstones Sales & Monetization for Trade





Members of our team have previously provided Tax services for companies such as the Mirror Group, HSBC, and Imperial Tabacco.

#Tax Effective Tax Structures



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