August 2023




If you are having difficulties or experiencing delays in clearing money/funds into the EU/Europe - maybe we can help.

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boomfiicom--we-can-clear-money-funds-into-europe-and-eu is pleased to announce that we are back in the Ultra-Refined Copper Powder selling & buying business after a 4-month lapse.


boomfiicom-buy-and-sell-ultra-refined-copper-powder has developed strong relationships with many prominent investment institutions and organizations that support innovation.

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Without Solicitation. Linked below are accepted banks by monetizers & trading platforms for those seeking LTV on hard assets for trade.

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Aug 18

New Partnership. has been engaged by a number of clients in North America and South America to partner in the development of a number of gold mines. Working in partnership with both financiers & mine owners.

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Pleased to announce that most of the team is now back at work and eager to do business with clients and associates after our summer breaks.

Nothing like a good break to change one's outlook to a more positive and determined frame of mind.







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A collaborative approach to successful P&L financial leadership.

Engaging with business stakeholders at CEO / MD / Group Board level & 3rd parties, delivering ‘fit for purpose' financial reporting & financial control.

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Securing businesses by helping them succeed is what we do best.

Experienced in Corporate Governance, Compliance, Controlling, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Corporation Tax and VAT, and Financial Analysis.







Will The BRICS Dethrone The US Dollar?

Please follow this link to the article


 has secured more global partnerships.

These new partnerships make us more effective in all that we do allowing us to provide better overall services to our clients.

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Without solicitation.

On Ledger and Off Ledger Trading. Please be advised, our team and partners will only work with Tier 1 Banks excluding Russia and China.

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Preloaded Credit/Debit Cards. We have recently been approached by several people to deal with credit and debit cards which have been preloaded with large sums of money.
PPP and turning them into cash.

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