July 2023



Most of the team will begin their holidays/vacations this weekend with Portugal being the number one destination.
We will notify all when returns back to normal after our team's summer breaks.
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There are many reasons why it's wise to have an offshore trust, but the main one is to secure your family and its assets from the hands of the government.

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Jul 17 

Gold is poised to reach all-time highs by year's end.

In 2019 alone, bars worth at least $50 million USD were stamped with counterfeit Swiss refinery logos and sold on the open market. if you're buying take note.

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If you are an SME who is experiencing financing challenges, we can assist and advise. In many cases, we can reach a solution that resolves these challenges

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Members of our team have previously provided Tax Services for companies such as the Mirror Group, HSBC, Imperial Tabacco, and others.

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We are regularly being asked about gold monetization for trading purposes.

With gold prices projected to reach an all-time high by year-end, it makes perfect sense to monetize rather than sell – it’s a win! win!

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Jul 20 facilitates individuals to grow their assets by working with us. Depending on the appetite to increase your business and your assets we can introduce funding, restructuring, acquisitions, and other activities.

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Relocating to Europe, the EU, or Switzerland?

We have tremendous knowledge in this field & can assist and advise on purchases, staff, & best business practices to implement within the particular country of interest.

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Jul 14

I thought for the weekend.

Never talk much about yourself to people, in times of envy, the blind man sees again, the mute to speak and deaf to hear.

There is a time to fight and there is a time to be clever. #BusinessServices

boomfiicom-finance-business-services-investors is a team of professionals working remotely, offering a wide range of experience in business, finance, and offshore services.

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We offer effective tax structures to minimize taxation.

Depending on your business, we are confident we can reduce your corporation (and personal) tax by 80% by using the Swiss passive income rules.

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boomfiicom-switzerland--swiss--taxtion--tax-passive-income-taxs-laws team members on average have over 20+ years of experience in their specialized fields. Regulatory authorities with whom some of our team are bound - US Treasury, FCA, ECB, & FINMA.

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Our network is growing rapidly

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Running out of road? maybe we can help. team members on average have over 20+ years of experience in their specialized fields.

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