June 2023




Our Nickel Wirie sales are extremely slow. If you approach, please understand all our buyers are currently full & until they offload we cannot sell to them. We are happy to entertain any applications with this understanding.


nickle team members are Internationally experienced in senior financial capacities, and very qualified for any challenge presented.


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boomfiicom-international-experience-in-glotrbal-finance is a complete solution-based provider of resources and experience in finance, banking, and corporate-level international commerce.

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Massive Flow Of Gold & Silver Deliveries Out Of COMEX Continues

One of our Institutional partners specializes in only Gold monetization for Trade. Increase your wealth with no risk to assets. 





"It is said that there is none so easy to fool as a man who thinks he is clever".
Do not be fooled.

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 embrace innovation and offers IP owners a platform to bring their ideas to market.






Due to the huge interest in Copper Powder offered to us for Sell, we can no longer commit to new sales until our partners offload what they have. We are happy to entertain any applications with this understanding.


 offer the best-fit solutions to overcome challenges and fulfill business objectives.

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Starting your own business isn’t easy, but when you start one - it's the most satisfying & rewarding thing you can do in your professional life.

Rely on yourself & your ambition and let take care of the rest.





We are directed to an African gold mine that is currently in operation & has the potential to grow quickly. We are assisting the owner to raise funds for the further development of the mine & to build schools & hospitals for the employees.






We have secured two new trading platform partnerships. These financial institutions can give large returns and are an excellent addition to our partnership network moving forward.






Forget diamonds are a girl's best friend, diamonds are quickly becoming our platforms' best friends. is now involved in the high-end, rare diamond market.








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Our resources provide a safe & trusted alternative for your financial negotiations and global transaction goals. Competitive & Transparent - Tried & Tested.

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It is said that walking can boost your creative thinking by as much as 60%. Get the most out of yourself and your ideas. check us out




People who wear all black are more likely to be seen as reliable, serious, and confident. Perception is one of the keys to success.

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Will there be one more rug pull on Gold before new all-time highs - we can't say.

What we can say is if you're lucky enough to be holding gold our specialists trading group can increase your wealth with your gold.

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War in Europe, high energy prices, & a cost-of-living crisis are just some of the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs & businesses. Germany is also officially in recession.

Strategies for wealth preservation.

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We utilize the Top 500 Global Institutional Banks and apply traditional methods which work best for us.

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Validate Your Idea or your lightbulb moment. We will assess its market value in the current global environment detailing its pros & cons. If your idea has merit we will work with you to have your idea realized.

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Get the Best Currency-to-Currency Exchange Rate If you require foreign currency regularly to do business int'l our partners are specialists in the global currency exchange markets.

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We have added three new monetizers to our group of partners. This development is very good for our platform going forward adding more unique services to our clients.



 has very large quantities of copper powder for sale. The copper powder is ultra-refined and we can offer sale tranches as low as 50kg per transaction.





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