APRIL 2024


JPMorgan Chase reported first-quarter earnings rose 6 percent to $13.42 billion but saw its share price plop down 6.5 percent Friday, its worst day since June 2020.



Metal Prices Rise After Sanctions on Russian Exports Aluminium and nickel prices rose in London after the U.S. and U.K. banned fresh trading in metals originating from Russia. Aluminum rose 2.4%, nickel 0.3%

They hit highs of $2,728 a ton and $19,355 a ton respectively.



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Apr 17

In March, China’s factory activity grew for the first time in six months, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has estimated.

The government’s purchasing managers index (PMI) for manufacturing rose from 49.1 in February to 50.8 in March, according to the NBS. Ratings.



Home prices across the 20 Eurozone countries decreased 0.7% in last year’s final quarter official figures showed. In Germany, the Eurozone’s most troubled economy, home prices sank 8.4 percent.

Luxembourg saw a 9.1% decline. Prices fell 5.6% in Finland and 5.3% in Sweden.




Precious metal experts say that gold is now in a hurry and silver even more so.

The price moves in the coming months and year are likely to take gold $3,000 and silver to new highs above $50 due to the instability in the equity markets and fears of currency collapse.



Currency devaluation




SWIFT planning launch of new central bank digital currency platform in 12-24 months to connect the wave of central bank digital currencies now in development to the existing finance system. #CDBC



Experts are suggesting that Europe’s impoverished governments must increase public investment by up to 3% of their collective GDP annually in the coming years to stop the ongoing decline of Europe.

The cost of Illegal immigration is also a major factor.



The U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary recently said that the strength of the U.S. economy shields it from the negative impacts of sanctions concerning the dollar.

The dollar is now at a RECORD LOW vs. gold as central banks stockpile.







Apr 24

Citigroup’s earnings in this year’s first three months fell 27 percent, sending its stock price down 1.7 percent; Wells Fargo lost 0.4 percent on a 7-percent earnings decline.



Across Europe, 10 percent of people own 67 percent of the continent’s wealth, while the lower 50 percent own just 1.2 percent, according to the Credit Suisse and UBS Global Wealth Report for 2023. The report defines “wealth” as net worth.



Buying and owning a home takes a bigger slice of a household’s income than it has at any time in the last 40 years, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The median home price remains in record territory at $395,100, according to calculations by the National Association of Realtors.




Nvidia, the chip maker that has notched a $2.2-trillion market value, owns an estimated 92 percent of the market for the graphics processing units (GPUs) that power AI systems.

Competitors aren’t likely to catch up with Nvidia’s hardware expertise anytime soon.



As U.S. stocks become more expensive, investors are turning to Europe where valuations are lower and a cautiously optimistic economic outlook hints at rising equity markets, Bloomberg reported.



Office occupancy rate in the 10 largest cities in America at just 50.6 percent, according to Kastle Systems, and the office vacancy rate—meaning totally empty buildings—at 20 percent, it seems there will be a banking crisis that will rattle the equity markets in the near future.



Swiss To Hold Referendum That Will Restrict Population To 10 Million Until 2050.



Apr 4

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Saudi Aramco Profits - 2023




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