February 2024

Feb 29

We are now using a new format KYC (Know Your Customer) for hard asset applications.



Feb 27

Foreign investment in China has collapsed to its lowest level in decades. China is likely the best investment opportunity for the next 2-3 years.


Strategies for Wealth & Business Creation for Global Business Success.



The AI narrative is going strong with Nvidia leading the charge to all-time highs, although Nvidia took its biggest hit in its stock price yesterday.


Feb 19

One of the platforms we use is full and will not be taking on any new files for the foreseeable future.

Coincidently, we established a partnership with a new platform last week which we are very excited about.

As the saying goes 'When one door closes, another one opens'



Nvidia briefly overtook Google's parent company Alphabet as the third largest US company by market value.

A 50% surge this year has lifted Nvidia to the top spot among the S&P 500 components stock performance.




In-ground assets are mainly precious metals such as gold that have yet to be mined and where the owners are looking for capital to commence operations.

We offer yearly returns or monetize for trade. With gold predicted to rise - this can be very lucrative for gold mine owners.



Stewardesses. 1970s. Flying is not as enjoyable as it used to be. Happy weekend everybody.



A police boat car they say

link to video



Charles Leclerc reversing an F1 car is literally Roman Empire

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The challenges facing many businesses under the current business climate. Challenges may be able to assist and advise.

boomfiicom--business--challenges--assets-monetization-for-tade can offer effective tax structures.
Depending on the business we are confident we can reduce corporation tax by 80% by using the swiss passive income rules.








Feb 28

Comex sees record gold and silver delivery volumes. Is this an early sign of a dollar run and a rush to precious metals? Looks like uncertain times ahead.



SKR values will no longer be the trading platforms and monetizers' focus for due diligence value purposes for copper powder and nickel wire.

Both metals have hugely decreased in price in recent months and old SKRs no longer reflect the new values. 




2023 saw gold demand soar to record highs, with central banks bolstering reserves amidst global uncertainty.

Gold is expected to be much higher by the in of 2024.



Feb 20

Germany’s economy is slowing down with many companies fleeing to China and the USA - there are many reasons for this.
The primary reason is high energy costs which German businesses cannot afford if they are to remain profitable.
The deindustrialization of Germany continues.



There have been changes in the Monetizing of Copper Powder. Monetizers will not consider batches under 2 METRIC TONS for monetization to enter PPP Trading.

This came into effect on the 10 Feb 2024.



We are in regular communication with many individual countries within the EU & globally to streamline and expand our services. This gives us a unique insight into government practices and working methods in many government institutions.



Fine art keeps increasing in value. The wealth trapped in these types of assets can be realized and put to work. We can organize recourse and nonrecourse #art loans or LTV for PPP.

For us to act all art pieces must have a certified history that can be verified.



#Gold is at all-time highs in all major currencies & refusing to back down, despite it not yet outperforming SPX.

Our partner owners in #goldmines are in a very strong position this year moving forward that's for sure. Interest in gold inground assets for #monetization is high.



The Apple Vision Pro may be cool, but the implications for the future of humanity are quite terrifying.

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Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia have joined BRICS: another step towards the end of the petrodollar.



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