November 2023

Nov 29

So far this year, significantly more companies have filed for bankruptcy in Switzerland than last year. In total, around 10,000+ companies are expected to go bankrupt by the end of 2023 Is the Swiss Bank about to fold...Switzerland seems to be going bankrupt how is this possible?



Nov 27

Basel 3: The End Game
What it means - no more: Insider Trading, Shadow Banking, Ponzi Schemes, Money Laundering, Regulatory Arbitrage, Ghost Assets, Off-Balance Sheet Transactions, Front Running, Window Dressing, Round-Tripping, Phantom, Employees, Kickbacks, Loan Churning, Bucketing, Rogue Trading, Ghost Accounts, Market Manipulation, Double-Dealing, Bribery, Shell Companies




historical rockets in scale




Nov 21

Chinese scientists unveiled a newly developed lithium battery that can work in extreme cold and heat during the ongoing China Hi-Tech Fair.

The battery can work in a minimum temperature as low as minus 70°C and can also function in heat up to a maximum of 80°C.




A leap in innovation, Airbus' Condor completed its maiden hydrogen-powered flight over Nevada, USA on Nov 8. A milestone for sustainable aviation, this was Airbus' first flight using only hydrogen as fuel.

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The most affordable place to register a company (in Europe) is still the UK.




Uncovering the future of performance and innovation....the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale. A client is looking to purchase or go on the waiting list - a wonderful piece of machinery.

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Without solicitation: has become very proficient and the one-to-go platform for a professional and in-depth understanding of how one can make the most of a hard asset held in a secure depository under an SKR.




Our hard asset and inground asset side of the business is booming.

All at couldn't be happier with the recognition and appreciation being shown by our clients and associates which we are very humbled by - very satisfying - Thank you to all.



Novermber Newsletter

CDBC and the risk to our freedoms. Booming client numbers. Monetization (#IngroundAssets and #HardAssets) For Sale: #CopperPowder #NickelWire extremely low prices for both.







Nov 30

Singapore will pilot the use of central bank digital currencies. The Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) managing director, Singapore is set to trial the live issue and utilization of wholesale (CBDCs) in 2024. 




Without solicitation. Fine art with SKR, if it is insured with a safe-keeping receipt and proof of ownership history - we can monetize for PPP trade.

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As gold is predicted to go much higher in 2024 many holding physical gold are reluctant to sell.
Without Solicitation, utilizing gold or/and in-ground gold assets with a 43-101 report for trade.


In Madrid, patriots say enough to socialism. 

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Lamborghini's partnership with Italian super boat company Tecnomar created the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 yacht. The price tag is 4.5M USD with an annual running cost of 400k - wow!

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Happy weekend all!




EU equality laws to be reinstated to avoid 'gap in protections' for workers. Lawyers have welcomed the move to retain EU-derived protections on workers' rights - but it risks angering Tory Eurosceptics who want to see a divergence from Brussels laws.

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We would like to announce our advisory & application arm for the monetization of hard assets has now expanded into fine art - this is very satisfying.

Our first painting is an original Picasso - not the one in the photo for obvious reasons.



Our framework can be tailored to connect project owners to investors in the project’s specialized field. This gives the project a higher chance of success

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