leased sblc




Amount: Min $3m USD – Max $100m USD ( smaller / larger sums by prior agreement )

Rate: typically 7 + 2 = 9% ( flexes slightly based on volume, rate confirmed upon application and amount and rec bank)


This document outlines the key stages in the receiving and processing of a leased SBLC. Buyers must provide sufficient proof of identity to enable the anti-money laundering checks to be made. All our SBLC’s will be ‘fresh cut’ and issued via SWIFT or Hard Copy depending on the client and contract needs, which means they must have financial backing.

Prior to issuance, we engage with ‘Account Holders’ to ensure there is sufficient cash backing to any instrument issued. For the avoidance of doubt, the leased SBLC process utilizes USA-based escrow agents, to hold funds for the SBLC issuance stage of the process. This ensures that the buyers have the funds to transact each stage and it also ensures that once the provider has delivered each stage that they are paid without delay. For each payment/stage, the payments are to cover the work being undertaken, once that work has been done, there are no refunds. 




 Stage:                                                                                Fee (USD)

‘TRIAGE CALL’ pre-application = Free of charge Initial Review

  • Submit enquiry
  • Free “triage call “ to review case & check genuine (25 mins)


  • Check POF ( if clients getting full POF later, they must at this stage prove a minimum of $15k in bank account to proceed )
  • Sense check case, ensure clients applying for right instr.
  • Provide link to progress to “ FULL Consultation call “


Book “Consultation call” 45mins =                                                    $497

  • If stage 1 confirms genuine, then proceed to;
  • Provide KYC & copy of the Underlying contract
  • Outline Terms of business and fee structure / indicative rates 

  Draft SBLC consultation/preparation:                                     $2,750


  • If stage 2 confirms a genuine case, then you can proceed to pay for the consultancy admin, packaging & handling of the case to the provider.
  • Once is invoice paid = get the draft issued
  • Copy of draft verbiage is issued with an invoice for escrow and strict NDA / “no shopping” clause
  • Confirmation of rate/terms


  Progress to escrow:                                                                                $3,750

  • Pay an Invoice of $3,750 to initiate escrow contracts
  • Any amendments to SBLC verbiage draft – will be handled inside the escrow


SBLC Issuance stage / Escrow Contracts in place:   $SBLC-Balance

  • Escrow contracts issued & signed
  • Balance of rate into escrow e.g., 9% of $8.125 million SBLC = $732,000 USD
  • Payment received = SBLC issued


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