March 2024


How to read tyres.



France is dropping its GDP growth forecast for this year from 1.4% to 1% and will slash spending by about €10 billion, the country's finance minister has said. Not looking good for France.




We are seeing many posts about a Black Swan Event.




After a three-year hiatus, #Switzerland and the #EU resume talks on closer trade relations. If the Swiss were to agree here, they would be sacrificing their and self-determination in favor of Brussels. #Europe




The key advantage of SpaceX is the rate of innovation. When other companies become larger, this rate often slows, but here, the correlation is direct. The bigger the company grows, the faster it innovates, it’s evident when you compare Starship 1 vs 3.

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Mar 14

Apparently, there’s a war going on?



Mar 11

NASDAQ is up 1.4% since January 24 and flat since February 9. The realized bull is actually not that strong?




Mar 5

If NASA catch this asteroid everyone on Earth would get $93b.

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Mar 1

We have no limits on the volume of hard assets for monetization for trade. Diamonds, Gold, Nickel Wire, Gemstones, with SKR and Inground Assets with a 43-101 report.
For copper powder, however, we can only accept allocations of 2000kg plus.






Mar 28

“China faces a fork in the road” and needs to "reinvent itself" with dramatically new economic policies that will end its 30-month-long property crisis, jump-start consumer spending, & raise productivity, Kristalina Georgieva of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on 24 March




A hail storm in Texas on Sunday destroyed thousands of acres of solar panels leaving questions about sustainability and adding to growing concerns about the reliability of current green energy policies.

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Repo market banks give their money to the Fed & gain interest. For those unfamiliar with reverse repos. It is basically banks' money coming back out of lockup at the Fed and into banks' hands, kind of like QE. But there is little left to help fuel further stock market gains.




Turbulences in real-estate markets on both sides of the Atlantic raised fears of contagion risks for Europe’s financial sector, but analysts see European banks better insulated from any downturn than their American peers.




Germany Is Running Out Of Money And Debt Levels Are Exploding, Minister Warns. German Finance Minister Christian Lindner is warning his own government that state finances are quickly growing out of hand, and the government needs to change course and implement austerity measures.




Mar 15

Is AI going to replace developers? Happy Weekend everyone.

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Mar 12


China Plans $27BN 'Big Fund' To Counter US' Tech War. China is preparing to raise billions of dollars for its largest-ever semiconductor fund, aiming to fast-track the advancement of cutting-edge technologies in response to Washington's worsening trade and tech war.



Mar 6

Straight out of Sun Tzu’s, ‘The Art of War’ ~2,500yrs ago.



 Mar 4

Chinese Researchers Claim Encryption Cracked with Quantum Computers

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